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AG Hofmann / Kirsch

(Dept. of Neuroanatomy)


Areas of Research


Selected Publications

Kirsch M, Trautmann N, Ernst M, Hofmann H-D (2010)
Involvement of gp130-associated cytokine signaling in Müller cell activation following optic nerve lesion. GLIA 58:768-779.

Leininger M, Müller A, Andreadaki A, Hauk TG, Kirsch M, Fischer D (2010)
Neuroprotective and axon growth-promoting effects following inflammatory stimulation of mature retinal ganglion cells in mice depend on ciliary neurotrophic factor and leukemia inhibitory factor. J Neurosci 29:14334-14341.

Müller S, Chakrapani BPS, Hofmann H-D, Kirsch M (2009)
Neurogenesis in the dentate gyrus depends on CNTF and STAT3 signaling. Stem Cells 27:431-441.

Naumann T, Steup A, Schnell O, Schubert KO, Zhi Q, Buijarro C, Kirsch M, Hofmann H-D (2006)
Altered neuronal responses and regulation of neurotrophic proteins in the medial septum following fimbria-fornix transection in CNTF- and LIF-deficient mice. Eur J Neurosci 24:2223-2232.

Schubert KO, Naumann T, Schnell O, Zhi Q, Steup A, Hofmann H-D, Kirsch M (2005)
Activation of STAT3 signaling in axotomized neurons and reactive astrocytes following fimbria-fornix-transection. Exp Brain Res 165:520-531.

Seydewitz V, Rothermel A, Fuhrmann S, Schneider A, DeGrip WJ, Layer PG, Hofmann H-D (2004)
Expression of CNTF receptor-alpha in chick violet-sensitive cones with unique morphological properties. Invest Ophthalm Vis Res 45:655-661.

Fuhrmann S, Grabosch K, Kirsch M, Hofmann H-D (2003)
Distribution of CNTF receptor a protein in the central nervous system of the chick embryo. J Comp Neurol 461:111-122.

Kirsch M, Terheggen U, Hofmann H-D (2003)
Ciliary neurotrophic factor is an early lesion-induced retrograde signal for axotomized facial motoneurons. Mol Cell Neurosci 24:130-138.

Martin A, Hofmann H-D, Kirsch M (2003)
Glial reactivity in ciliary neurotrophic factor-deficient mice after optic nerve lesion. J Neurosci 23:5416-5424.

Naumann T, Schnell O, Zhi Q, Kirsch M, Schubert O, Sendtner M, Hofmann H-D (2003)
Endogenous ciliary neurotrophic factor protects GABAergic, but not cholinergic, septohippocampal neurons following fimbria-fornix transection. Brain Pathol 13:309-321.

Schulz-Key S, Hofmann H-D, Beisenherz-Huss C, Barbisch C, Kirsch M (2002)
Ciliary neurotrophic factor as a transient negative regulator of rod development in rat retina. Invest Ophthalm Vis Sci 43:3099-3108.

Xia X, Hofmann H-D, Deller T, Kirsch M (2002)
Induction of STAT3 signaling in activated astrocytes and sprouting neurons following entorhinal cortex lesion in adult rats. Mol Cell Neurosci 21:379-392.


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