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AG Heimrich

(Dept. of Neuroanatomy)


Areas of Research


Selected Publications

M. Schwemmle M , B. Heimrich (2011)
Viral interference with neuronal integrity: what can we learn from the Borna disease virus? Cell Tissue Res 344:13-16.

A. Ackermann, T. Guelzow, P. Staeheli. U. Schneider, B. Heimrich (2010)
Visualizing viral dissemination in the mouse nervous system, using a green fluorescent protein-expressing Borna disease virus vector. J Virol 84:5438-42.

B. Heimrich, D. Hesse, Yuan-Ju Wu, S. Schmid, M. Schwemmle (2009)
Borna Disease Virus infection alters synaptic input of neurons in the rat dentate gyrus. Cell Tissue Res 338:179-90.

J. Schwenk, N. Harmel, G. Zolles, W. Bildl, A. Kulik, B. Heimrich, O. Chisaka, P. Jonas, U. Schulte, B. Fakler, N. Klöcker (2009)
Functional Proteomics Identify Cornichon Proteins as Auxiliary Subunits of AMPA Receptors. SCIENCE 323: 1313 – 1319.

D. Mayer, H. Fischer, U. Schneider, B. Heimrich#, and M. Schwemmle# (2005)
Borna disease virus replication in organotypic hippocampal slice cultures from rats results in selective damage of dentate granule cells. J Virol 79: 11716-23. (#: these authors were co-senior authors)

H. Brinks, S. Conrad, J. Vogt, J. Oldekamp, A. Sierra, L. Deitinghoff, I. Bechmann, G. Alvarez-Bolado, B. Heimrich#, P.P. Monnier#, B.K. Müller#, and T. Skutella# (2004)
The repulsive guidance molecule RGMa is involved in the formation of afferent connections in the dentate gyrus. J Neurosci 24: 3862-3869. (#: these authors were co-senior authors)

N.E. Savaskan, G. Alvarez-Bolado, R. Glumm, R. Nitsch, T. Skutella, and B. Heimrich (2002)
Emx2 is essential for layer-specificity in hippocampal connections. J. Neurochemistry 83: 1196-1207.

M. Frotscher, A. Drakew, and B. Heimrich (2000)
Role of afferent innervation and neuronal activity in dendritic development and spine maturation of fascia dentata granule cells. Cerebral Cortex 10:946-951.

J.A. del Rio, B. Heimrich, V. Borrell, E. Förster, A. Drakew, S. Alcantara, K. Nakajima, T. Miyata, M. Ogawa, K. Mikoshiba, P. Derer, M. Frotscher, and E. Soriano (1997)
An essential role for Cajal-Retzius cells and reelin in the layer specific targeting of hippocampal afferents. Nature 385: 70-74.

M. Frotscher and B. Heimrich (1993)
Formation of layer-specific fiber projections to the hippocampus in vitro. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 90: 10400-10403.


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